SHAREit for iPhone/iPad/iOS- Download SHAREit App- Latest Version

SHAREit for iPhone App/iPad/iOS: Today life is going very fast. Everyone wants to save their time. Nobody wants to wait.

When it comes to data sharing with other people, nobody wants to use Bluetooth due to its low speed of sending files. For this problem of data sharing, a lot of apps are available at Google Play store (For Android User) and Apple Store (For iPhone User).


SHAREit for iPhone/iPad/iOS- Download SHAREit App- Latest Version


When it comes to iPhone, file sharing with android mobile is difficult in past. Because iPhone user didn’t have Bluetooth feature on their mobile, so an iPhone user can’t send or receive files to other devices like Android mobiles users, windows users etc. But now file sharing for iPhone mobile is not a problem. This problem is solved with the Invention of Shareit app for iPhone app. This app used wireless technology for sending and receiving their data at a speed of 20mb/sec. The speed of Shareit is 200 times greater than Bluetooth.  This app is available for free of cost at Apple Store.

SHAREit for iPhone/iPad/iOS

File sharing is one of the biggest problem while using an iPhone, iPad and iOS devices. The reason for this problem is its connection which is make with other devices while sending or receiving files. Shareit Technology introduces Shareit iPhone app for iPhone users.

If you are in hurry, then click this below given button and get your app.



Shareit app is at top#1 free file sharing an app in Google Play Store. Same as top of the Apple store. A lot of iPhone users use this app for file sharing a purpose. This app has 7000+ reviews and has a very good rating 4.5 at Apple Store. This application is available in more than 25 languages.

Shareit uses wireless technology for sending and receiving files from other devices. There is no need of using wire for sending or receiving their files. Before sending and receiving files from android mobile to iPhone, you have to make a hotspot connection between these devices.

Shareit iPhone app is well-known app in iPhone devices for sending and receiving files. If you want to send the large size of data like a movie, just use this app and send this file within seconds or minutes.

With the help of this app, you can send files from iPhone to Android, iPhone to windows etc and receive files from android, windows etc.

How to download Shareit App:

There is no difficult method for download Shareit app for your iPhone. You can download it with one of these mentioned methods.

  • Via dmg File
  • Via iPhone Store

Now we move to these methods in details.

Via dmg file:

Every iPhone user must have an Apple store ID, for using the Apple store. If you don’t have an iPhone ID, then you will install this app with the source file. As we know all files, which are installed on android mobiles are in .apk format. Same as this, iPhone source files are in dmg file format.

Follow these steps, for install this app in your iPhone mobile.

  • Click above given button for download dmg file in your iPhone mobile.
  • If you don’t want to scroll above, then you can click below the given button.


  • Click this button, downloading will start.
  • File will be download in your mobile, open this file and click on install option.
  • App will be installed in your mobile.

Via iPhone Store:

When you got iPhone, you will also get an unique Apple ID. With the help of this ID, you can access to iPhone store. Follow these steps to download Shareit in your mobile.

  • Open Apple store, after given username and password.
  • Search Shareit in the search bar.
  • After that, click on the install button.
  • App will be installed in your iPhone mobile.

You can download SHAREit for other devices. Like:

SHAREit for PC/Laptop
SHAREit for Mac OS
SHAREit for Windows Phone


In the end, we can say that file sharing between cross-platform has become easy. With the help of Shareit, we can send data from iPhone mobile to android mobile, windows mobile, windows operating system easily. Just get this app, and solve this problem of sharing.