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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people who are hiring a lawyer are hiring one for the first time and are thus not familiar with the profession and its specialties. There are criminal lawyers, divorce lawyers, corporate lawyers…and a lot more…but when you need a personal injury lawyer in Joliet, you need a lawyer who can do that job the best. Here are some questions to ask before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

First of all, ask about fees

It is important that you and your personal injury lawyer in Joliet get to know each other so you can both work well together. The first thing that you will want an answer to is whether or not the law firm will charge you a fee. Most often, lawyers promise that you only pay when you win, but it is still a question to ask about. How does the law firm get paid if you don’t win, and will any expenses or other fees come your way? It is also a good idea to ask around to find out how this agency’s fees match those of personal injury lawyers at other firms.

Secondly, ask about their successes and failures in the past

Ask if they have ever tried cases like this one before. Have they had any experience with cases involving personal injury? Most importantly, does the personal injury lawyer in Joliet have any interest in this type of case? This will give you some idea of whether or not they will be dedicated to you.

These questions also speak to experience. If you and your personal injury lawyer in Joliet have to go to trial, does this lawyer have the experience to represent you? Do they have a strong success rate? You don’t want a lawyer who will push you to settle too early, but one who is ready and willing to go to trial armed with as much information as they can get to lead you to the best outcome.

Thirdly, ask about their experiences with other clients and their relationships with other law firms

Will they allow you to talk to other past clients? Do they have reference letters to give? You will also need to know how busy they are and how many referrals they get from other firms. Can they give your case the amount of time that it needs, and are they respected enough in the field to take clients from their peers? Do they know their stuff? This questioning will also tell you if the personal injury lawyer in Joliet has enough time to give you.

Have You Worked on Similar Cases Before?

If you’re filing a personal injury claim, you’ll want to work with a personal injury lawyer. They’ll understand the ins and outs of your case and be able to give you the best representation possible.

So ask your lawyer if they’re worked before on cases that are similar to yours. If they avoid answering this question, you might want to take your business somewhere else.

What Types of Cases Do You Usually Take?

Isn’t this question the same as the one above?

Actually, no. There’s an important distinction between the two. Just because a lawyer has worked on a case similar to yours before doesn’t mean it’s their usual area of practice.

For example, you won’t want to work with a lawyer who primarily focuses on dog bite injuries if you have a car accident injury.

What kind of strategies do you typically use?

This is a great question to ask so that you understand the methods that an individual lawyer will use in your case moving forward. Some personal injury lawyers are extremely aggressive, and others are patient, yet no less successful. It’s up to you to decide which strategies work best.

Have you ever had a case that was similar to mine?

You most likely want to know if the personal injury attorney has any similar experience in his or her past that will help you win your case. Some people only want experienced attorneys. Others are okay with allowing new attorneys to work on their case. It’s up to you, but you should be able to make the choice yourself.

How does pricing work?

Don’t forget to ask this question. Even if you forget to ask, it’s the attorney’s responsibility to discuss the breakdown of pricing with you. You need to know exactly what you’ll be paying for and how much your personal injury lawyer gets if he or she wins the case for you.

Tips for Hiring the Right Lawyer for Your Case

Finding the right attorney to represent you is absolutely essential to any personal injury or accident case. With 1.35 million lawyers in the United States, choosing the right one can be challenging. We’ve gone over some questions to ask before hiring a lawyer, and now it’s time for some additional tips to make sure you have the right legal team by your side:

  • Make sure the lawyer has the right kind of experience
  • Set expectations for communication right from the start
  • Make sure the law firm’s approach fits your own intentions
  • Go with an attorney who is familiar with your state’s laws
  • Call references for the attorney and talk to past clients, if possible
  • Don’t be shy! Ask about the attorney’s fees
  • Use an attorney who specializes in your case
  • Consider the lawyer’s reputation and credentials
  • Make sure your lawyer is objective and isn’t looking to settle right away

What Should I Know Before Hiring a Lawyer.

Are you in the midst of a tough dispute and feel like you are out of options? Or, perhaps you are not fully aware of the legal routes you can take. Either way, if you are about to pick up that phone to call a lawyer, there are a few things you should know first.

How can my case be handled?

Just because you are hiring a lawyer, you do not necessarily need to go to court. Attorneys can be of assistance in many different ways both inside and outside of the courtroom. There may be alternate methods of resolving your dispute. A good lawyer can review your case and help you develop a cost-effective strategy. It is a lawyer’s job to know the ins-and-outs of the legal system, making them a true asset to you during these difficult times. A lawyer’s advice is always given with your best interest in mind, whether it be before a judge or outside of the courtroom.

What kind of lawyer do I need?

Although lawyers are highly trained in the legal system, each one tends to have their own specialty. For example, if you are going through a divorce, you should seek out an attorney who focuses on family law as opposed to say, criminal defense. There are also certain areas of the law that are very specialized, in which case, you would want a lawyer with the experience necessary to succeed. So, before you pick up the phone to call the first lawyer that pops up on Google, narrow down your results by searching for the right attorney for your specific needs.

The Specifications.

Before agreeing to anything, make sure you are fully aware of the scope of your contract. What exactly is the lawyer representing you for? Will the lawyer provide litigation services? What type of fee structure will you be paying? These are important things to know before hiring a lawyer. It is important to ask questions! And remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. The more you know about the case and contract, the better off you will feel.

Why Do You Need A Car Accident Lawyer

Why is My Car Accident Settlement Taking So Long?

It depends on the case when it comes to knowing how long it will take for a car accident case to settle. Occasionally, a car accident settlement can take a long time due to unforeseen circumstances. Every car accident case is determined either by an out-of-court settlement or by trial. Either way, it is possible to take a long time. Here are some factors that can cause a car accident settlement to take a long time.


The majority of motor vehicle accident cases do not go to trial. Most personal injury attorneys avoid going to trial for the following three reasons.

An attorney knows what your car accident case is worth. Due to the experienced of an attorney, they have a good idea of what your injuries cost for medical treatment and damages. Your attorney can usually determine a fair value for your case without the input of a court.

A jury is unpredictable. When it comes to personal injury cases such as a car accident, juries have a hard time being objective. A jury may relate to one party over another or they may be unsympathetic to either party if they have experienced a car accident themselves. A good attorney does not want to leave their client’s chances up to the whim of a jury.

The cost to go to court is not worth it. Court proceedings are costly, and most attorneys are not willing to upfront the cost of a trial. Instead, an attorney will want to negotiate in a settlement.

In the event that one of the parties involved will not agree to settle, the case will go to trial. The time a trial takes varies from case to case. Typically, you can expect a personal injury case in a trial to take at least a year from the date of the accident to the conclusion of the trial.

Problems with the Case

Sometimes a car accident settlement can take a long time because of problems with the case. For example, proving that the other driver was 100 percent at fault may be difficult and take time if it is questioned at the time of the accident. Your attorney may need to take some time to investigate the accident and prove that the other driver is liable.

Another problem that could prolong a settlement of your case is if the insurer does not accept the evidence. In this case, your attorney may need to file suit and take the case to trial.

Big Settlement

If your case has the potential for a large payout, it may take a long time to settle. No insurance company likes to hand over large sums of money without a fight. For example, if your injuries are severe from the accident or involve lifelong disability, you could receive a large settlement. The insurance company, however, may delay the case in hopes that you will settle for less.

Common Causes of  Car Accidents & Injuries

The car accident lawyers help clients who sustained injuries in single and multiple car accidents. Whether your crash involved a head-on, rear-end, or side-impact collision, They protect your legal rights and help you recover financial compensation from the party who caused your accident.

Some of the most common reasons for Denver car accidents include

  • Impaired driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Negligence
  • Road hazards
  • Vehicle failure or defect
  • Trucks and busses
  • Failure to yield

Pain and Suffering Multiplier

The multiplier method is an equation frequently used by insurance companies and is a common way to calculate pain and suffering damages. You add up all actual damages (also called special damages) and multiply that number by a number between 1.5 to 5. The number by which you multiply is called the “multiplier,” which indicates the degree of seriousness of your pain and suffering and any other general damages you suffered.

For example, if you sustained serious injuries, the multiplier should be close to 5, and it can possibly go higher (6 or 7) if your injuries are very serious. Use FindLaw’s Damages Estimate Worksheet to determine the seriousness of your pain and suffering damages. Here are some factors to consider in determining the appropriate multiplier for your pain and suffering:

  • The obviousness of the other driver’s fault
  • Seriousness of your injuries (e.g., permanent disability)
  • Clear proof of pain and suffering based on verified documents
  • Period of recovery

Keep in mind that the amount calculated with the multiplier method is an estimate – there’s no guarantee that you will receive that amount. If you apply a high multiplier without justification, the insurance company can deny your claim. So, make sure your calculations are supported by accurate facts and documentation.

Sample Multiplier Calculation

Here’s a sample scenario to help illustrate how the multiplier method works in practice. While you were driving on a highway, a car behind you carelessly bumped into your vehicle. As a result, you hit your face on the steering wheel and sustained a broken nose and teeth. Not only do you need to undergo a surgery, you are now suffering from chronic pain. You can no longer eat and speak without feeling sharp pain and discomfort.

Your special damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and other treatment bills, are $10,000. Your multiplier would most likely be close to 5 because you are suffering from broken bones and long-lasting disability. So, your total estimate of damages, including pain and suffering, would be: $10,000 (special damages) x 5.0 (multiplier) = $50,000.

Evidence of Pain and Suffering

Before you start calculating your damages, it’s important to remember that pain and suffering damages must be supported by evidence. In minor cases, medical records or doctor’s note may be sufficient. However, if it involves more serious injuries, you might need to provide witness testimonies, if available, and other supporting documents such as police report, medical treatment bills, and photos of your injuries. If you have no evidence of pain and suffering, the insurance company will assume you didn’t experience it.

How to Dispute Fault for a Car Accident

If you’re involved in a car crash in one of the many fault-based car insurance states, and an insurance company (either yours or another driver’s) denies your claim because they wrongfully consider you to be at fault for the car accident, you need to immediately notify the insurance company — via phone and in writing via a follow-up letter — that you dispute their finding of fault.

If the insurance company’s determination is based on the fact that you received a traffic violation in connection with the accident, or if the insurer is basing its conclusion on the police report issued in the wake of the incident, you must fight the ticket in court and/or attempt to speak with the investigating officers to present your side of the story. If you disagree with the police report, you may even be able to get it amended.

Often, voicing your disagreement will result in further investigation that could lead to revised findings. At the very least, it begins to create a record of your disagreement that may be important further down the line.

Some insurance companies have internal policies regarding disputed fault investigations, and you may be asked to give a statement or present your side of the story to an insurance adjuster. It is important to know your rights in these situations, as you don’t want to make any kind of statement that may hinder your ability to recover should your claim proceed to the lawsuit phase. If you are disputing liability, it may make sense to get a lawyer involved on your side, even if just in an advisory capacity.

Who is eligible for pain and suffering in a car accident claim?

Pain and suffering is a catch-all term. Legally, it’s known as general damages. Your general damages are the non-financial losses you suffered—anything from emotional anguish to physical pain. Permanent injuries, disabilities, and an inability to work are all losses that count under this category.

Basically: if you have losses that go beyond your medical bills and lost work time, you are probably eligible for pain and suffering.

How much money should I ask for pain and suffering?

Because pain and suffering is not based on actual financial costs, it’s hard to quantify an exact amount to pay. But insurance companies have come up with a formula to try to do so.

There are three parts to this formula:

  • They start with the amount you’re already owed. That means adding up all your medical costs, car repairs, and other hard costs. This is the easy part of the equation.
  • Then they try to “rate” the severity of your situation. If this sounds hard, it is. And it’s very subjective. But there is some logic to it. For example, living with pain for several months is bad, but living with pain for the rest of your life is worse. And if you’re left unable to walk, that might be even worse still. Based on how severe your suffering has been, they assign a number to it between 1 and 5.
  • Then the starting cause is multiplied by the rating. For example, if you had $50,000 in medical costs and other hard costs, and your suffering was rated at about a 3, then the pain and suffering damages should come to about $150,000 (3 x $50,000 = $150,000).

This system is far from perfect, but it tends to work: people who have suffered more get paid a lot more money. But you still have to prove your case. Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing pain and suffering damages. This is why it’s so important to have a lawyer represent you.

How To Find The Perfect Personal Injury Lawyer

Things to Look for When You Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

Select an Attorney with a Focused Practice

Some lawyers and law firms try to do it all.  It is important to choose an attorney who focuses on certain areas of the law.  You need to find out how much of that attorney’s practice is in the area of personal injury for victims

Select an Attorney with Trial Experience

Many lawyers claim to handle personal injury cases.  Just look at the ads in the yellow pages or on TV.  It is important to choose an attorney that has actual experience taking cases to trial.  Insurance companies know which lawyers will take a case to trial and which lawyers just want to settle a case fast.  Without an experienced trial lawyer on your side, it puts you and your case at a disadvantage

Select an Attorney with a Track Record

Your personal injury case is important to you because it affects you and your family.  Your case is the opportunity for you to get fully compensated for your damages.  It is important to choose an attorney that has a record of accomplishment and can deliver a full and fair trial verdict or settlement.

Select an Attorney with the Necessary Resources

Many personal injury cases require serious investigation and are expensive to prepare.  Your attorney will need to devote not only time to your case but the resources to hire medical experts, accident reconstruction experts or vocational rehabilitation experts, if necessary.  The lawyer should have staff dedicated to your case.  It is important to choose an attorney that has the resources to fully prepare your case.

Select an Attorney that Represents only Accident Victims

Many law firms try to have it both ways.  They have some lawyers that represent accident victims and other lawyers representing insurance companies.  It is important to choose an attorney whose loyalty is easy to read – one that only represents accident victims

The Secrets to Choosing the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Car accidents can be terrible and frightening. But after the shock subsides, there may be serious repercussions you have to face. Injuries resulting from car accidents are quite common, with millions of people sustaining injuries in accidents every year.

These injuries can be quite damaging to a person’s life. Outside of the pain and suffering, injuries can prevent victims from going to work and can make it difficult for a family to pay their bills.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

It can be frightening to see your future affected so severely in an instant, but that’s what a car accident can do. A personal injury lawyer can help you get back on the track.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident it is essential to have legal aid on your side. An attorney can ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for the issues that have resulted from the accident.

Injuries and effects of an accident may take days or even weeks to reveal themselves after an accident. Adrenaline can block pain or problems out for long periods of time. These problems can range from irritating to debilitating. They can prevent you from working and cause serious damage to your family’s financial security.

Reasons to Choose Law Firm

There are many personal injury lawyers in Columbia and throughout South Carolina. Trying to pick the right one can seem overwhelming, particularly when your life has just been turned upside down by a serious accident or other traumatic event.

80 years of experience – on your side.

The personal injury lawyers at the Law Firm have more than eight decades of combined legal experience helping regular people in South Carolina get the justice they deserve from our legal system. Our experience can work to your advantage.

We put clients first.

At the Law Firm, our focus is on you, our client. We are committed to treating each of our clients with courtesy, respect and compassion – regardless of the size of their case. This dedication to client service is spelled out in our Client Bill of Rights.

When life goes wrong, we fight for what’s right.

If you are seeking the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, it is almost certainly because you are facing the aftermath of a traumatic life event. Our role as attorneys is to take away your worries about dealing with the legal issues related to your accident. Let our experienced legal professionals handle your case while you focus on what is most important – your health, your family and your life.

Reasoned advice from seasoned professionals.

Sound advice is one of the most valuable benefits an attorney can provide. In fact, that’s why the term “counselor” is often applied to lawyers. At the Law Firm, our attorneys have accumulated decades of experience in the legal field, giving us the perspective necessary to provide you with the guidance needed to help you make prudent decisions.

How To Pick The Right Lawyer

Whether you are drafting a will or a trust, buying or selling real estate or getting a divorce, it is important to select the best attorney possible. Read on to find out what tips you can use to make sure that you are picking the right lawyer for you. They often have asymmetric information compared to you, as they are experts with a specific skillset.

Where to Look

In addition to the phone book, internet search, and a friend that might recommend a lawyer, there are several other sources for finding a qualified attorney. Some unions offer representation as does the AARP (sometimes at a discount to its members).

Retain an Honest Lawyer

Many attorneys offer an initial consultation free of charge. Take advantage of this. Use the meeting to determine whether the attorney is honest and forthcoming. Instinctively, some people have the ability to determine an individual’s character within a few minutes of interacting with the person; however, there are a few personality traits that can also tip you off.

For example, is the lawyer looking you in the eye when speaking with you, or is he or she looking at the ground? Also, ask what kind of cases have they litigated in the past. If you are looking for a settlement, they should be able to give you award amounts for cases similar to yours.

They Must be Thorough

The initial meeting or conversation with the attorney can also help you to determine whether they are oriented and will be responsive to your needs. Be sure to ask the attorney if it’s OK to call them throughout the case to discuss any concerns you may have. If they balk at the idea, it may indicate that you’ll have trouble relaying your thoughts and obtaining answers to your questions once the case is up and running.

Tips for Selecting the Best Injury Lawyer

After a car accident injury, it’s essential to select the best injury lawyer in Vancouver for your needs.  It is important to select a representative who is knowledgeable, professional, and highly regarded. You should also select someone who puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable.

Identifying the Best Injury Lawyer for You

If the firm/lawyer seems reputable, then it’s time to schedule a consultation. Many will offer free consultations to determine if you’re a good fit. The best personal injury lawyer is someone who inspires trust and confidence. After all, you’ll be entrusting this individual with personal details about your health and finances.

When you’ve narrowed the field and are ready to reach out, preparedness is key. Some important questions to ask include:

What is the firm’s experience with ICBC cases and do they have experience with cases similar to your own?

What are the fees?

Who will pay the disbursements (expenses) to handle the claim, you or the firm?

Does the firm have the resources, manpower, and willingness to spend what is necessary to fully develop the case?

What You Need To Know About Dog Bite Lawyer

Lawyers for Dog Bites: How to Know if You Should Hire One

With around 4 million people experiencing dog bites each year, this is not a small problem. You may be wondering if you should look into lawyers for dog bites or if you should just “let it go.”

Check to Make Sure You’re Within the Statute of Limitations

Before you hire an attorney, you should check to make sure you aren’t over the statute of limitations. You’ll need to check your specific state to find out the laws that govern your case. There are some instances when the time may pause and you’ll technically be able to make a claim longer than the stated time in the statute of limitations

Check If the Owner is Liable

Different states have different laws for dog owner liability. Some state’s laws only state that the owner is liable when the dog bites someone. In other cases, the owners are liable even if the dog causes an enjoy from knocking someone over or something similar.

Feeling Confused & Overwhelmed?

If you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed, it might be a good time to speak with an attorney that can help you with your dog bite case. Being attacked by an animal is a traumatic experience and you might be due compensation.

How to Choose a Good Dog Bite Lawyer

Once you know you need legal help and want to hire a lawyer, you shouldn’t put your case in the hands of just anyone. Making sure you work with someone that can help you get the compensation due to you is key vs. just trying to find an attorney that is the least expensive.

Choosing a Dog Bite Attorney

What should I look for when choosing a dog bite attorney?

Dog bite cases require specialized knowledge and attention, and you always have to make sure that you have an attorney who has experience handling these cases all the way to a conclusion and has consistently received good resolutions.

These cases involve unique statutes and laws, which needs to be applied, along with the evidence that’s gathered, in a specific way to put your case in the best possible light.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for an attorney to handle a dog bite case is to make sure that your attorney knows the ins and outs of how the insurance system works. Insurance companies have their own way of doing things and it’s important to know what motivates them internally. Before beginning to represent individuals in personal injury claims, I spent years representing insurance companies. Now, I am able to take that knowledge and put it to use for people who have been injured by the carelessness of others.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that you have an attorney that insurance companies know will take cases through to trial. When it comes time to resolve cases, the attorneys who will not try cases do not get the best settlement offers. Most cases settle before trial, but some cases require prosecution all the way through to a jury in order to receive a reasonable and fair resolution

Choosing a Dog Bite Attorney

How do I choose the best attorney for my dog bite claim?

If you’ve been bitten or injured by a dog, you may be looking for an attorney. You need somebody who has experience in dealing with the dog bite statute and successfully handling those cases.

You need somebody who does that on a regular basis and focuses on personal injury, including dog bites. The third thing you’re going to want is a trial attorney. If you’re preparing the case, you should prepare it right from the beginning as if you were going to go to trial, increase the settlement value, and let an insurance company know that if you have to, you’re willing to go to trial, and that you know what you’re doing.

Were you or a loved one attacked by a dog and have questions about choosing a dog bite attorney

Choosing The Right Dog Bite Attorney

Being bitten by a dog can be an extremely traumatic event. That is especially true when a dog bites your child or when someone is attacked by a particularly vicious dog. Dog bites can cause serious physical and emotional trauma that can persist for years after the event. Navigating these laws is much easier when you have an experienced dog bite attorney by your side.

It is difficult to think of a future court case when you are dealing with the emotional and physical aftermath of a dog bite. Many victims of dog bites assume that their case will be easily won, especially if the facts surrounding the incident are straightforward.

What Does The Law Say?

Unfortunately, Maryland law is not particularly kind to dog bite victims in many circumstances. Most dog bite victims are attacked through no fault of their own. Because of this, they often assume that the dog’s owner will be forced to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering caused by the dog bite. Unfortunately, that assumption is incorrect. 

the owner’s homeowners or renters insurance will typically cover dog bite cases, in much the same way as automobile insurance covers car accident cases.  Don’t let your guard down simply because you know the dog’s owner. It is their insurance company that will defend the case, and they will not have your interests at heart!

Why Do I Need A Dog Bite Attorney?

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you’ve probably wondering “How much is my dog bite case worth?” These cases are complicated, and require experienced dog bite attorneys who understand the specific laws and procedures.  It is easy to make mistakes during this process, and the insurance companies who defend dog bite cases will use any inexperience to their advantage.


Dog bites are not “minor” injuries. In addition to causing cuts and bruising, dog bites can fracture bones and cause permanent nerve damage

Fortunately, law allows injured victims to sue the dog owner for compensation—but victims will need help bringing the best case.

Check a Lawyer’s Experience with Dog Bite Cases

If you find a lawyer nearby, call him or her up and ask what experience they have with dog bite cases. This is a complex area of law, and not all attorneys understand it.

For example, you can bring dog bite cases on one of two legal grounds:

Strict liability: if the owner knew the dog had a propensity to be vicious, then the owner is strictly liable if the dog bites you.

Negligence: if the dog bites you because the owner did not exercise ordinary care to protect you, then you can sue. The test is what an ordinary careful person would do to keep its dog from biting or attacking people. An owner might also be negligent if they violated an animal control regulation.

Ask What Evidence You Need to Strengthen Your Case

It is not enough to simply allege that you were bitten

You also need other evidence to bring a successful case, such as:

Proof of your economic losses, such as medical bills and receipts

Evidence that you have suffered pain and other emotional distress

Proof of the dog owner’s identity

Documents establishing the date and time of the attack (such as a police report, insurance claim form, etc.)