What You Need To Know About Dog Bite Lawyer

Lawyers for Dog Bites: How to Know if You Should Hire One

With around 4 million people experiencing dog bites each year, this is not a small problem. You may be wondering if you should look into lawyers for dog bites or if you should just “let it go.”

Check to Make Sure You’re Within the Statute of Limitations

Before you hire an attorney, you should check to make sure you aren’t over the statute of limitations. You’ll need to check your specific state to find out the laws that govern your case. There are some instances when the time may pause and you’ll technically be able to make a claim longer than the stated time in the statute of limitations

Check If the Owner is Liable

Different states have different laws for dog owner liability. Some state’s laws only state that the owner is liable when the dog bites someone. In other cases, the owners are liable even if the dog causes an enjoy from knocking someone over or something similar.

Feeling Confused & Overwhelmed?

If you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed, it might be a good time to speak with an attorney that can help you with your dog bite case. Being attacked by an animal is a traumatic experience and you might be due compensation.

How to Choose a Good Dog Bite Lawyer

Once you know you need legal help and want to hire a lawyer, you shouldn’t put your case in the hands of just anyone. Making sure you work with someone that can help you get the compensation due to you is key vs. just trying to find an attorney that is the least expensive.

Choosing a Dog Bite Attorney

What should I look for when choosing a dog bite attorney?

Dog bite cases require specialized knowledge and attention, and you always have to make sure that you have an attorney who has experience handling these cases all the way to a conclusion and has consistently received good resolutions.

These cases involve unique statutes and laws, which needs to be applied, along with the evidence that’s gathered, in a specific way to put your case in the best possible light.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for an attorney to handle a dog bite case is to make sure that your attorney knows the ins and outs of how the insurance system works. Insurance companies have their own way of doing things and it’s important to know what motivates them internally. Before beginning to represent individuals in personal injury claims, I spent years representing insurance companies. Now, I am able to take that knowledge and put it to use for people who have been injured by the carelessness of others.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that you have an attorney that insurance companies know will take cases through to trial. When it comes time to resolve cases, the attorneys who will not try cases do not get the best settlement offers. Most cases settle before trial, but some cases require prosecution all the way through to a jury in order to receive a reasonable and fair resolution

Choosing a Dog Bite Attorney

How do I choose the best attorney for my dog bite claim?

If you’ve been bitten or injured by a dog, you may be looking for an attorney. You need somebody who has experience in dealing with the dog bite statute and successfully handling those cases.

You need somebody who does that on a regular basis and focuses on personal injury, including dog bites. The third thing you’re going to want is a trial attorney. If you’re preparing the case, you should prepare it right from the beginning as if you were going to go to trial, increase the settlement value, and let an insurance company know that if you have to, you’re willing to go to trial, and that you know what you’re doing.

Were you or a loved one attacked by a dog and have questions about choosing a dog bite attorney

Choosing The Right Dog Bite Attorney

Being bitten by a dog can be an extremely traumatic event. That is especially true when a dog bites your child or when someone is attacked by a particularly vicious dog. Dog bites can cause serious physical and emotional trauma that can persist for years after the event. Navigating these laws is much easier when you have an experienced dog bite attorney by your side.

It is difficult to think of a future court case when you are dealing with the emotional and physical aftermath of a dog bite. Many victims of dog bites assume that their case will be easily won, especially if the facts surrounding the incident are straightforward.

What Does The Law Say?

Unfortunately, Maryland law is not particularly kind to dog bite victims in many circumstances. Most dog bite victims are attacked through no fault of their own. Because of this, they often assume that the dog’s owner will be forced to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering caused by the dog bite. Unfortunately, that assumption is incorrect. 

the owner’s homeowners or renters insurance will typically cover dog bite cases, in much the same way as automobile insurance covers car accident cases.  Don’t let your guard down simply because you know the dog’s owner. It is their insurance company that will defend the case, and they will not have your interests at heart!

Why Do I Need A Dog Bite Attorney?

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you’ve probably wondering “How much is my dog bite case worth?” These cases are complicated, and require experienced dog bite attorneys who understand the specific laws and procedures.  It is easy to make mistakes during this process, and the insurance companies who defend dog bite cases will use any inexperience to their advantage.


Dog bites are not “minor” injuries. In addition to causing cuts and bruising, dog bites can fracture bones and cause permanent nerve damage

Fortunately, law allows injured victims to sue the dog owner for compensation—but victims will need help bringing the best case.

Check a Lawyer’s Experience with Dog Bite Cases

If you find a lawyer nearby, call him or her up and ask what experience they have with dog bite cases. This is a complex area of law, and not all attorneys understand it.

For example, you can bring dog bite cases on one of two legal grounds:

Strict liability: if the owner knew the dog had a propensity to be vicious, then the owner is strictly liable if the dog bites you.

Negligence: if the dog bites you because the owner did not exercise ordinary care to protect you, then you can sue. The test is what an ordinary careful person would do to keep its dog from biting or attacking people. An owner might also be negligent if they violated an animal control regulation.

Ask What Evidence You Need to Strengthen Your Case

It is not enough to simply allege that you were bitten

You also need other evidence to bring a successful case, such as:

Proof of your economic losses, such as medical bills and receipts

Evidence that you have suffered pain and other emotional distress

Proof of the dog owner’s identity

Documents establishing the date and time of the attack (such as a police report, insurance claim form, etc.)