Hiring A Party Bus For Kids Birthday Parties

Tips for Choosing Luxury Tour Bus Rental Services

If you’re planning a relaxing trip, tour, or business travel for a large group, trying to find the right transportation can be a challenge. You can experience a wide variety of hurdles if you don’t look in the right place–namely, you can find your group clamoring to have all of their many needs met. Before you travel, find a luxury shuttle service that can transport your group in a relaxing, comfortable, and air conditioned environment full of amenities to satisfy your travelers.

Can I see your insurance certificates? If a luxury charter bus rental service is legitimate, they’ll have the marks of a professional company, which includes liability coverage for their buses and drivers. This prevents you from having to pay in the event of driver injury, an accident, etc.

Has your motorcoach been inspected recently? Any rental company should be willing to answer this question. Their buses should have all been serviced within the past year. This prevents a bus breakdown from interrupting your travels.

Do your drivers have valid commercial driver’s licenses? A commercial license, unlike a regular citizen’s license, requires further education and expertise.

Will additional drivers accompany us? This is in case of long-distance travel. Drivers shouldn’t operate a charter bus for more than 10 hours a day. Any more would exhaust them to the point that you and your fellow travelers will be in danger. Keep in mind that this driving time not only includes one-way travel to a destination, but also tours and other travel miles accrued within the destination.

How To Choose A Good Party Bus Rental

Planning to go to an event during the night is a common thing to most young adults. This is because night parties tend to be very exciting compared to the ones held during the day. When you are planning to go out at night, you should look for transportation that will take you to all the places you need to go. This may not be possible with public transportation

Every event should be planned for in advance for it to be successful. Thus, you should make sure that you have found the right coach early. Do not think that you will be the only one renting the buses. So many people like going to parties at night.

Do not hire the vehicle without knowing the number of people you will be traveling with. This is important because it will dictate the size of the coach that you will hire. If you fail to consider the size of your group, you may end up picking a small or large vehicle. This can be very inconveniencing because you will have to go back to the drawing board.

Make sure you are sure of the places you want to visit and the stops you wish to make on the way. So many people fail on this because they do not think it is important. Also, the driver has to know the stops you wish to make in advance so that he can drive directly to them. This will save a lot of time and resources for everyone.

Typically, night trips tend to be so exciting but are costlier than the day trips. Thus, if you wish to go attend a concert during the night, be ready to pay some extra fees. Therefore, if you plan to travel during the night, make sure that you have enough money to pay for the coach.


The type of vehicle you rent depends on what you’re hiring it for.  Headed to prom and then to a house party?  Depending on the size of your group, a limo bus might be just the ticket.  Larger parties with more distant destinations may prefer the comfort and luxury of a party bus

Horse of a different color.

The limo bus and the party bus are two entirely different vehicles.  For one, a limo bus may be a place to have fun on the way to your event or party, but it’s not specifically designed for that purpose.  While it provides you with comfort and luxurious styling, it’s not set up to accommodate as many people as a party bus can.

The seating in limo buses faces forward, which isn’t all that conducive to group interactions.  The party bus, on the other hand, features perimeter seat which allows guests to face an open space in the middle of the interior.

Some people call that a dance floor! Indeed, when you’re deciding between a limo bus and a party bus, much depends on what you expect from the experience and what your itinerary looks like, as well as the size of your group.  Keep in mind that the party bus is a horse of a different color, featuring the kind of premium amenities party people love, to get the festivities started.

Enjoy the 50” flat screen television, or groove to your favorite jams on our state-of-the-art sound system.  Enjoy the mini-bar, stocked with ice and water, while you and your posse kick back in elegantly-detailed, Blue Streak splendor.


Maybe you are a first-time bridesmaid. Maybe you are getting married and want to have an unforgettable last night as a single person. When it comes to a hen night, you have figured the games, the drinking, maybe even the strip club. But, did you think of transportation? You totally did because you are reading this, but still. When it comes to a hen party, most people think of a limo. However, a Party Bus is just as good of an option but there are a lot of things you need to consider before deciding.


•See how big of a crowd you are – A limo obviously holds fewer people than a bus. If the bride aimed to have a full-on high school reunion, go for the bus.

•The music – They can both get your playlist sounding and blasting. But, on a bus, you can totally stand and dance to it.

•The mood of the party – if you are going more for a classy feeling, the limo might be a good option. It feels luxurious after all. The bus can help you with an all-out kind of night.

To pick a size, you need to consider the following:

•How many guests – Well, duh. Chances are the bus company will help you out on this one. They’ll either provide charts or how many seats every bus has, etc…

•Consider the clothes and things you carry – To a hen party, chances are you are not very formally dressed. However, maybe you are carrying a lot of stuff or wearing dresses, or the bride is in a costume. These are all things you want to consider because people should be comfortable. Usually, take it like this, if there are 15 people going, pick the 20-seat bus, and so.

•Party on-wheels – If you are renting a bus, you probably want some on-wheels dancing and drinking involved. Make sure the bus you are renting has enough space for the people to dance, mingle, and avoid accidents. Especially food/drinks related accidents. Let everyone enjoy themselves!

•Hello stranger – This happens, especially on a hen party. Everyone is a little drunk, celebrating, inevitably you get a gate crasher. So, consider there might be some extra people and you don’t want them all stacked.

•The plus 3 rule – After you took all the previous considerations, add 3 to your final number. It will act as a cushion and will let you all breathe a little.

You need to check 4 things when you are picking your bus

•The size – As mentioned above, follow all the steps and you should have no problem. A bus is usually able to carry between 14 and 35 people.

•The price – Every company has its own price policy. Some rent by the hour and some have flat rate prices. Check if there are fuel additional charges or anything similar. Before picking a bus, ask about this so you don’t ruin the end of your night with surprise payments.

•The electronics – Once you have seen the bus you like, go inside and check EVERYTHING. Every light, every electronic device, every seat, the stereo, even the floors if you wish. If the bus is not perfect, then report it. If you don’t report them, you might be charged for them, also, you might be able to negotiate a better price once they are considered.

•The license – Make sure the company has a license and an insurance company. In case of an accident, the company should be able to answer it. Insist on checking both and make sure they are legit.


•Decide if you are moving around – many bus companies don’t let you hit a lot of spots in one night. Some ask for a map before the night begins. Some don’t care and will take you wherever you want. But you need to know if you are only going to one place or too many.

•If you are moving around, make an itinerary – Make hours, pick-ups, stops, everything on schedule. You’ll probably not follow it at face value but it’ll help the bus company have an idea.

Essential Prom Party Bus & Limo Rental Tips

Check for Insurance & Permits. All of our drivers goes through rigorous safety courses and require a Class B driver’s license to operate our party buses and limousines. However, don’t assume other companies do this! Ask to see proof of insurance as well as permits.

Request Booking Confirmation. Any professional party bus or limousine company should supply whoever ordered the limo with a confirmation notice that lists booking date/s, cost, type of party bus or limo, pick-up and drop-off locations and other crucial information.

Understand the Cancellation Policy. We understand that plans change at the last minute, so it’s best to be up front from the beginning and ask your limo rental company what their cancellation policy is. Ask about cancellation fees and how much notice you need to give the company in order to get a full refund

Ask About the Food Situation. We works hard to keep our party buses and limousines clean, so it’s always a good idea to ask whether or not the company allows you to bring your own food and beverages on board.

Who Can Be DJ? All of our luxury limousines and party buses are equipped with luxury amenities including surround sound throughout. Our drivers can certainly provide you and your group with music, but why not take advantage of the iPod connectors we have?