How To Evaluate The Event Videographer

Avoid These 4 Common Wedding Videography Service Pricing Mistakes

Wedding videography, but on a budget! Before your beautiful love story can be filmed like a movie, let’s make sure that you don’t fall into these costly traps. The overall wedding videography cost in will fluctuate, of course, depending on factors such as timelines and extra features. However, there is no need to remain blindsided or feel that a video package will break your bank! At Enchanted Celebrations, we completely tailor our package options to fit your budget and perfectly align with your vision. We’ll show you simple ways to avoid common videography service pricing mistakes through the following four instances, so you can still have the wedding video you’re dreaming about!


Travel fees? Footage hours? Timelines? Oh my! To beware of hidden costs, remember first off that the location of your wedding venue, far or near, can play a role in the final wedding videography cost. In addition to travel, the length of time that your videographer will actually shoot for will make all the difference in the footage that you will be receiving. (We’re talking full day versus just a few hours!).


Is your heart set on having drone footage? How about an additional edit or mini teaser? As you are deciding on the perfect video package, go easy on the add-ons if you are looking for a more simple video!


Although the weather may be a little frightful, a winter wedding can be so delightful! Choosing to celebrate your special day in the off-season months like January or February will save you extra cash on many aspects of your wedding, not just video!


Hoping to get bride and groom preparations from the early morning into that final edit? From raw footage to the real deal, make the most out of the videography package you decide on and all that it can offer for you.

Too Much Zooming

No matter if you’re filming with a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, a smartphone, or a dedicated video camera, constantly zooming in and out is a big no-no. Like any other feature, use of the zoom should be relegated to situations in when it’s absolutely necessary. Just because you can zoom doesn’t mean you should! Before zooming, consider if you really need a close-up sequence of your subject. And if you determine that you do, why not create that sequence separately without a zoom in between? Doing so will get you a much cleaner-looking sequence which is why many film directors seldom, if ever, utilize the zoom.

Too Many Miniature Pans and Tilts to Recompose the Frame

After each zoom the frame wouldn’t be just right, so the videographer would do a quick small pan to the left or right, or a slight tilt up or down, to get a nice composition. All of these little adjustments were visible, distracting, and frustrating.All the camera movement added up to too much visual chaos: panning, tilting, zooming in, zooming out, always behind the action.

Videos Have no Clear Objective

Having a clear objective is an essential part of creating a quality video. One of the most costly mistakes that we see with businesses is not outlining the overall message of the video before shooting it. Reshooting scenes because something was left out can be very expensive. Furthermore, finalized videos must have a clear message and tell viewers what you want them to do. So make sure that you write your script before you even think about trying to shoot it. 

Videos that are Too Long

Don’t take this the wrong way. Videos that are long and engaging are going to convert at a high rate in some cases. The key word there is “engaging.” The problem is that a lot of beginners create long, boring videos that use a monotonous voice to describe the product or service. If a video does not hook an audience within the first few seconds, then you’ll lose viewers. In most cases, you should keep your videos short and engaging so that viewers will stick around for the whole thing. 

Wedding Video – 4 Mistakes to avoid

Weddings are a joyous occasion but, without sounding like a broken record, are stressful to plan. It is also a day you should want to relive. Choosing who will film your wedding video is an important decision to make. While it is our job to provide the magic behind the camera, there are a few things couples can do to make it less stressful.

We have curated a list of mistakes that couples make and how to avoid them.

Not hiring a wedding video agency

There are lots of reasons you may decide to not hire a wedding videographer. One of the biggest regrets couples have however is not having a video of their wedding day. Some couples are afraid that their wedding video will look cheap, but with the equipment we have, they can look as cinematic as any film. Photographers are great but are unable to capture speeches or the first dance in the same fashion as video.

Not finalising your wedding day schedule.

Touching on a previous post we wrote about commitments, dialogue between you and your videographer is essential. If everyone is on the same page it makes the day run so much smoother. If you have special moments that can’t be missed, discuss these with your videographer.

Researching your videographer

Settling for the first wedding videographer you come across can be a costly mistake. You should take time to research at least a few different wedding video producers. This way you’ll build an idea of what you can afford. A good wedding videographer should always be willing to meet for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Having a friend or family film your wedding video.

I’ve seen it time and time again. Couples who have asked a friend or family member to provide a service for their wedding only to be left feeling underwhelmed by the results. Scenarios like these can take a toll on the relationship you have with these people. Avoid these situations and hire a wedding video agency